Ignore the reptiles; push on toward your own path.

People of this time do not have a corner on troll-ism. Apparently Madame Curie had to deal with it as well. Can you imagine? But she has a friend in Albert Einstein who chose to encourage her in ignoring those trolls, or reptiles. Can you imagine?

We don't imagine this, do we? We imagine them working and being praised and held up and accomplishing these amazing feats.

We don't imagine Edison's multiple failures when trying to create the light bulb, we only see the result and imagine it always being such.

But they struggled, fought with doubts, learned from failures, questioned themselves, and wondered if they were on the right path. They also trusted the voice that told them to keep going. They listened to the instinct that went against what others said. They worked hard. They didn't give up. They continued.

We want a path to follow which will lead to the same results others have received. It doesn't exist.

There is a path meant just for you, and I don't know what it holds. I only know that only you can make it happen. Whether it's in the sciences, arts, within your personal circle, or into the world at large, if you don't work towards what is in your heart no one else can.

And on the days where you doubt, worry, stress, and question, trust this:

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Note: originally I had said Albert Einstein created the lightbulb. Oh goodness. This is what happens when you write something up while watching the Avengers. Thanks to my friend who pointed out my error. Goodness, I'm glad I have those!

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