2015 starts tomorrow.

Last year I began the year with a 100 day challenge where the word for that challenge was "forward." After the challenge the word stuck with me for the rest of the year but it morphed into the phrase "move forward." It might as well have been "keep swimming" for that was what it helped me do.

During the summer my life changed a bit and I started looking more long term down the road of my life. I asked myself what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, and who I wanted to be at the end of the road. The first two questions were harder for me than the last, but answering the last really helped me hone in a little bit on who I wanted to be now. I also nearly froze while making those decisions, but my phrase for 2014 kept me putting another foot, idea, and step in front of the other. I simply kept moving forward.

During the summer the concept for 2015 also came to me, though like in 2014 I'm unsure of how it will morph but I have to start somewhere, right?

word for 2015

Originally the word was "Sabbath" and then I played with the idea of  "Sabbatical."

"Sabbath" of course has so much religious connotation being part of one of the Ten Commandments and all. Of course, I can't take the entire year off to rest but it is also a time of worship. Interesting...

I also considered how the word was used for the Jewish sabbatical year and learned the Hebrew word actually means "release." Okay, so let's put that in the pot.

Then I looked to see how "sabbatical" is used in society and it generally means "to take a year off from work to fulfill some goal, e.g., writing a book or travelling extensively for research." Hmmmm okay.

So, if you take a step back from the words and ideas and look at them from a little bit of a distance it seems that both words mean going deeper in a sense. Deeper in relationship with God. Deeper in goals. Deeper. But I can't deny the release aspect of the phrases because you have to release what doesn't matter to go deeper with what does. Hmmmm.

Maybe I should simply stick with the Sabbath/Sabbatical and then see how it morphs? Or if it does, for that matter. Yes, Sabbath/Sabbatical.

I know what works for me is the idea, like "keep moving forward" truly helped me out last year, I believe these words will need to do the same to help me out in 2015 if they are going to stick around.

So, did I choose a word? Or maybe I simply chose a place to start.... and we'll see where I end up next year.

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