Three months in the freezer

three months in the freezer

I cook large meals. The 9x10 casserole dish was my best friend. I didn't seem to know how to cook for just 4 some days, and now I cook for only 2. Those pots of chili and soup and casseroles for large gatherings don't work so much for only 2 people.

I also had a freezer. A freezer that I wanted to use, loved full, but wasn't sure what to do. How do I store food for lots of people, when {again} there are only 2 of us eating at the table together now.

And then I found my solution, and I wanted to share it with you. Maybe, just maybe, there are other empty nesters out there trying to figure out how to use the kitchen, large recipes, and freezers as I was.

I reorganized my freezer as you see above. Each wipe on board is for a different shelf. Each shelf is for a different month. When I put something in I write it down. When I take something out I wipe it off. There is a pen that is also magnetized next to the boards so that I always have one available.

Then I went and bought some smaller 3 cup casserole dishes. Enough for me, him, and a left over or two. I still make larger ones as well, but the majority of my dishes are smaller. I make the casserole as the recipe calls for the larger dish, but then divide it up into the smaller dishes. Then the different dishes go on different shelves, and I now have meals for three months: the one I'm in, and the next two coming up.

This seems so simplistic, doesn't it? Maybe it is. Maybe you're reading this questioning why I had to "come up" with this plan. But I did. And I'm sharing it. Because maybe someone else is looking for how to fill their freezer for three months, and use those recipes for the large families which aren't so large anymore.

As a side note, I think I have enough dishes on the November shelf that I don't have to cook at all. This is not a good thing. I might need to revamp and tweak this plan a bit as well!

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