The countdown has already begun.

I'm sure you have seen it, the countdown to Christmas. Is it 7 fridays now, or just 6? But my question is, while you are planning the fun, and your heart is thrilled with the gifts you are giving your loved ones, and the smells of the food make your mouth water, and Christmas music and sparkly lights delight all your eyes, have you thought about those who have no idea what is going on? It's hard to imagine, isn't it??

How in this day and time can people not know about Jesus? We have the internet! There's a church on every corner! But, that's our part of the world. There's another part I'm sure you have heard about as well, after all, we have the internet.

This part of the world doesn't always have clean water. This part of the world doesn't have church buildings to attend. This part of the world is wondering where their next meal is coming from and what will keep them warm at night. And during this time of the year, when we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, we can also take some time to remember those who are without so very much.

You may already have charities you give to, but you may not. Maybe this year you are looking to step up your giving and do a little more. Whatever the case may be... please look to see what Gospel of Asia did last year, and how you can help this year.

Check out Gospel for Asia's Forgotten Christmas website and see where you can lend a hand in spreading the word this Christmas season or go straight to their website and give what you can to make a difference in the life and heart of another. 100% of your gift goes to the field, so please know every little thing you can give will make a huge difference.

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  1. I was just having a conversation about stepping into a new area of giving for God with my daughter last week. This is so timely. Thanks for pointing out a potential opportunity for giving.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you did, and even more glad I found yours!

    1. Hi liz!! Thanks so much for considering GfA! They are a really great group and they have so many different ways to support all the different things they do. :)


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