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Let me just begin this by saying I am a slacker. No, really. There was a wedding in these here parts last May. Last May. I got the pictures from the photographer a few months later. This is not her fault, at all. All mine. I told everyone, "I'll send you the pictures! Which ones do you want?"

Such promise. Such hope. Such utter failure.

Then I thought, I'll take them with me when we go in October. I set them aside with every intention of taking them and handing them to the people they belonged to. Every good intention.

What is it they say about intentions?

Yes, I forgot them. Left them right where they were. Drove off without even thinking about them until an hour or so into the trip.

I should have made a list and checked it off. Twice.


Through the months of September and October I wrote a letter nearly every day to my son. He wasn't able to write back often, and eventually stopped completely. I understood because he was going through a time in which he needed to use his time in the best manner possible. I understood that meant he might not write back, so when the letters stopped I mourned occasionally, but worked to continue writing letters to him.

Some days it was hard. Some days I struggled with what to say. But each letter went out full of love and taught me the importance of those words written out to those I loved.


share words 

I'm making up for my utter failure. I'm sending off those pictures, or by the time this posts they will have already been sent. I'm also going to be active in sending out love in the form of words on a regular basis.

The pictures from the wedding will go out with these cards filled with words. Words of gratefulness, thankfulness, and love. Words that may not make up for the utter failure from before, but will start a new beginning. Because any day is a good day for a new beginning.


Who can you share words with this month to pass on love and encouragement?

I would love for you to join the conversation through 
Facebook, Twitter, my email, or in the comment section.


  1. Thank you for this encouragement, Stacey. Good reminder that we do need to share our words. It's great that every day really is a new beginning and we can start right where we are. :)

    1. I love being able to start right now! Thanks Gayl!


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