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What if we were to study the Bible together but on our own? What if we learned how to hear what God was saying specifically to us? What if we took our time and went as deep as we were called, yet never felt overwhelmed beacuse it was something huge added to our to do list?

I have dug into the Bible for different themes and focuses many times. I have enjoyed numerous studies written by other people. I have a stack of index cards with "do not fear" Bible verses written on them. I have led studies in person and online. I have been involved with studies in person and online. I have finished up two online studies recently, and was ready to spread my own wings again.

What I wanted was to create a way to dig deep, go slow, be creative, and learn what God has to say to me. I wanted this for others as well. A challenge to those who are new to studying on their own and those who have "done it a hundred times." I'm not sure if I have found that sweet spot, but maybe so. What I know is this idea welled up after a variety of researches on studies, scripture journaling, and Bible journaling. I joined a Bible journaling group on Facebook and was inspired, found a site on note taking which pulled at my creative strings, and knew that I had to follow where this path was leading. Where did I end up?

A Weekly Study of One Chapter

Beginning November 10th I will work my way through 1, 2, and 3 John one chapter at a time. This will take me to the end of the year, and what better testing ground for a study style than through the holidays? Through the seven chapters, each week I will follow this schedule.

If you are interested in trying this schedule out and helping me tweak the plan I would love to have you join me. The great thing about this schedule is it's just a little bit each day, which gives you the ability to dig deeper if you feel led that way. At the same time if you just want to read through and see what speaks to you that's a possibility as well. It's all about how God is leading you and what He is teaching you. This excites me so much! And on Fridays we could share our thoughts, findings, journaling, creative pages, and how we will apply what we have learned... or maybe through the weekend? See, tweaking will be needed.

I would love for you to join the conversation through 
Facebook, Twitter, my email, or in the comment section.


  1. A-ha! I think this is a great idea. I'm in a study right now, but I think I may try this when it finishes.

    1. Thanks! If you decide to try it out I would LOVE feedback. :D


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