Bundling up for Babies

002Do you remember when I shared about the Bundle Up Club and how they were collecting homemade scarves, hats, and blankets for the homeless? I am so excited to share that they were able to collect over 100 of each item! They took over half of the bags to the charity they had committed, which was all they could get in their car! The rest they will be distributing in their local area. But they aren't done yet!

The Bundle Up Club has already begun their next collection ministry which will be hats and blankets for babies to 3 year olds and donating them to a local ministry. PLEASE! Go check out their new opportunity and consider helping them out in some way. I promise you, even the littlest you can do will help in a large way!

If you crochet, feel free to use my hat pattern from yesterday! And this is an easy ripple pattern to use for the blankets. And from Project Linus, here are excellent guidelines for what size the blankets should be. Both patterns can be seen in the picture.

They are only collecting until December 15th, so please make sure you get the items/help/funds to them before this. Thank you for whatever you can do.

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