And then there was grace

I get distracted so very easily. Do you ever find that happens to you? Sometimes I think I'm more susceptible to it than the normal person. I'm going along minding my own business, when suddenly I don't remember where I was headed. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm off the road. I wish I was better than that.


When I revamped my blog my goal was to focus on the little things. To remember in the small is where change is created, love blossoms, and life is lived. But given a few weeks into the first month and I've grown quiet again because I forgot all of that. Instead I once again find myself looking for big ways to make big differences and, lets be honest, that is never going to happen. So I'm quiet. Or I speak and then regret it. Nice prose, wrong topic.

At the book store today I was perusing the magazines looking for Artistic Blogging, which I couldn't locate. Instead I found bella Grace. The cover called to me, peace amongst the craze of colors. The words told me to pick the magazine up, "Life's a Beautiful Journey." And, oh my friends, this is the book which has called me back to the road I am meant to be on. Magazine, but really.... it's the size of a book.


I'm still working through how to live small. There are so many big things in this life that seem to demand attention, and it's not that I shouldn't give them some but I need to figure out how to go about doing that without losing my own way. I am just grateful when we do lose our way there is someone or something which comes along like a road sign helping us find our path. If we just keep our eyes open.

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