And another month has passed. What did I learn?

This is the last day of November and it's supposed to be 70 degrees. How in the world did that happen? I mean, weren't we just celebrating the end of October yesterday? And if this is really the end of November shouldn't it be much colder than that? I guess I will trust the calendar despite how it feels, and let you know what I learned in the past month. There were a few things.

November wil2

(1) Sometimes it's good to take some time off simply because you want to. I think that's a thousand times better than doing it because you need to. By that point you have waited way too long.

(2) Listen to your gut instinct. I have found most times it is right and I'm grateful for following the way it led. Whether it's a decision about safety, yarn, or words I need to not be scared of trusting myself.

(3) I forget my own path sometimes. Even if I don't know where I am going, I know when I have begun following another. Whether there are hopes for the same ending, or hopes of a better ending, unless I'm on my own path the ending wont be what it needs to be.

(4) I start a lot of really good ideas, only to forget about them. The starting of a new habit can be more like a stutter start, but my goal is to pick it up when I remember I have forgotten it, and continue to do so until it's a habit. It's the only way, right?

(5) Contentment comes from my point of view and my consideration, not my circumstances. I know this. This is a relearn. But it's one which I need to grab hold and not forget.

(6) Distance is distance, no matter how far.
Whether traveled by train, plane, or car.
The heart does not see miles.
Even when Skype brings smiles.
So I'm adjusting to how things really are.

(7) I love creating new items with yarn, and making things for other people. I mean, really really love it! What is it you love doing?

(8) I usually regret what I say when I keep speaking trying to explain myself rather than simply say something. No, should be no. Yes, should be yes. And there is no reason for us to go on explaining ourselves, especially if no one is asking us to. Am I the only one who regrets doing this?

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  1. I've learned that I really like to create, too... sometimes simple cards, sometimes knitting, and sometimes writing. Great blog post!

  2. I love #7 . . . and to answer the question posed there, I too love creating things with yarn, and doing so for other people who enjoy handmade things. It's the "process" of knitting that enriches me the most, and I've accepted that for me, the beginning is the best, the middle often loses me, and the end is almost as rewarding as the beginning, because I get to weave in the ends, tidy things up, and wash and block the project. A question for you -- which stage of the process of making things do you enjoy the most?

    1. I used to think I was simply an end result person, but now I think what I love the most is seeing the pattern evolve. Whether I am coming up with my own pattern or working another's to see the yarn become what you had hoped is great. To know that the creation process is actually possible and a skein of yarn can become something useful. Watching that happen is great fun. Now I think the most fun is when an idea actually comes to fruition. :D


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