Tomorrow is August... where are you giving??

Dear friends,

I told you I would get back to you on this, so here I am! Tomorrow is the first of August and our Creator's Challenge is about to kick off. {But those of you who think you aren't creators? Keep reading. I have something at the end JUST FOR YOU!} Have you found a charity you are working for? Truthfully, if you don't pick one now you might just fall aside come mid month. Sometimes you need to remind yourself what you are working for. Me?


I will be creating hats and scarves for the Bundle Up Club. I'm so excited to get started and have purchased some fun pretty yarn to do just that with. I know the girls don't count anything until it's in their hand, which I understand, but I can't wait until the end of the month to see how much I have to give them. It thrills me because everyone deserves to know they are important and worth the time to be invested in. That is the heart of the Bundle Up Club and I am proud and pleased to take part.

What?? You aren't a creator but still want to get involved? Well, let me tell you about another opportunity that has crossed paths with me recently. A dear friend lost her husband and friends of hers have gathered together donating some amazing items in an effort to raise some funds for her. Please go check out the online auction Love By Design. Like the page and then bid your little heart out. You'll not only be able to help a great family, you'll also receive something quite amazing in the end. The first post right now on the page explains all about the auction and how it will work, and there very well may be a Molly Poncho you can bid on as well. I'm just sayin'! The bidding starts tomorrow but only lasts until the 3rd. Don't procrastinate one this one!!

So, everyone!! Find your place, and let's get ready. Let's make August a time to reach out to others who need something you have to give! If we all do what we can we can do quite a bit!

I'll check in with you through the month. I can't WAIT to see what you do!

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