Getting to your goal in a bazillion steps

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To steal a line from The Sound of Music,

"Let's start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with A-B-C
When you sing you begin with do-re-mi"

Do, re, mi. Such singular small notes, and yet when combined with other small notes we get arias, million dollar songs, and so much more. When you combine those small notes the possibilities are endless. The same is true with A,B, and C. They give us a word, then a sentence, a paragraph, and a new novel.

Life is the same way.

taking steps

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by where we want to go that we forget there are a bazillion little steps which will get us there. When I first began homeschooling my children I learned this lesson. As we began our schooling I panicked about teaching high school. I became scared of even beginning, but then I realized it would be best if we started where we were...with Kindergarten.

When I first began taekwondo twelve years later, I had to relearn the lesson. I wanted to be able to teach self-defense and protection, and I wanted to do it right then. When I realized that would not happen immediately because I had to be at a certain level to speak with authority, I nearly gave up. I was scared if I couldn't do it then, I would never be able to do it. When I realized that each step would prepare me I relaxed and began stepping. It was similar to my homeschooling lesson, yet slightly different.

Now, we can get overwhelmed with the bazillion number, and we can get frustrated that we have to relearn lessons but both of those truths are actually on our side.

As we take all the little steps between now and the realization of our dream so many things will happen. We will learn, and grow and become someone different. Each step will help us become the person who can handle doing what it is we dream of doing. We might even change course in the middle, and since we took small steps we have the ability to change course easily.

When we are given an opportunity to relearn a lesson it almost always goes deeper or changes a little in fashion. We learn it from a different perspective, or are shown something we completely missed the first time. It is never a wasted opportunity or a negative when we realize it is taking us in new directions.
What amazing opportunities we are given in our small steps and relearning.

Whatever it is you are setting out to do know that between here and there are a bazillion little steps. Enjoy each and every one because they are all amazing. And you will find yourself relearning a few things along the way. That is so much more than okay! It allows you to deepen and strengthen your understanding.

After fourteen years of homeschooling we have finished the last semester of our schooling. I am amazed at how far we have come. From A, B, C to American Government, Biology, and Chemistry. After two years of classes I have reached the beginning teaching level in taekwondo. From basic steps, blocks, and kicks to katas, self-defenses, and one steps. If it weren't for each step along the way I never would have gotten to this point.

The entire process can seem long and hard, but it is also wonderful and amazing filled with opportunities and blessings. Recognizing this will change how you see the journey towards your goal.

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  1. Stacey, thank you for the reminder to take small steps. It is so easy to be overwhelmed because we see where we want to be but can't just jump to it and we feel like giving up. But if we remember that we will get there by taking one step at a time, and we can actually enjoy each step.

    1. Yes! I need the reminders too. ((hugs)) :D


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