What has your attention while running?

Last week when I ran I tried to do it with music. I actually tried music, a podcast, and a talk radio show. I ran horribly. When I ran this morning I went sans the headphones and music and I ran so much better. It's crazy, really. When I first started running I used music to help me increase my distance. I ran for one song, then walked for a song, ran for two songs, then walked for a song, etc. It helped a lot during that time, but now I guess I have gotten used to running with just the sounds of nature. OR I still think I should stop running after a certain number of songs.

A lot of people who run use headphones and something I have noticed is that most of them keep their buds in both ears. Can I make a suggestion?

Don't do this.

If you must run with music, only wear one ear bud. Let the other get tucked in your shirt, or hang freely, but you are missing out on a lot with both those ear buds in. The runner coming around you, the bike you almost cut off, the car slowing down, the dog who got loose from his yard... the list goes on. Some of these things can be no big deal, or a simply sorry will suffice. But some of these things can be a danger you want to be aware of.

I appreciate wanting the music to distract your mind from the running, or to just enjoy the music, but leave one ear free to pay attention to your surroundings. You don't want to be that distracted.

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