In India they have a caste system which is created by the Hindu society the people live in. The Dalits are below the four castes, considered a true untouchable.

Gospel for Asia reaches out and touches the lives of these people The Dalits are told what jobs they can do (sewer cleaner, disposal of the dead), where they can live (rag homes, outter societies), and where they can worship (not in their places of worship). But Gospel for Asia is helping them overcome these situations they were born into.

While many Dalits work regardless of age, both children and grandparents must work at times, Gospel for Asia has begun a school for the Dalits where nearly 59,000 children are enrolled. Most Dalit children are not allowed into the schools in India, or barely acknowledged at the back of the room. GFA is giving these children a place to learn and grow where they are loved and cherished.  Gospel for Asia is also educating the adults and teaching parenting courses as well so that the families can find the freedom Christ brings. Even though there have been pushes for freedom for this people group they are still oppressed daily and GFA is trying to make a difference in their lives.

If you would like to help Gospel for Asia in their reach for this people group please check out their site and see the numerous ways you can help.

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