Something funny happened on the way to the mirror.

What if the way we see ourselves is always defined somehow by the way we know we are seen? I know there are some people out there who are strong and sure and will fight for their life and who they are no matter what, and I think they are inspirational. But what if we ordinary humans aren't that strong and sure? What if what we see is what others have told us?

Yesterday the girls in The Story Sessions rallied around one another leaving loving messages through out the web. It made me giggle when someone came to the party late wondering why they were getting all the love. One girl made me laugh out loud literally when she said she was scared she was dying and that's why we were saying loving things to her. But isn't that how it is?

It's at the funeral or memorial when we say how wonderful, special, and loving those who have passed were. That's when we spill our heart all over the floor with all the feelings and thoughts. But at that point they don't know, do they? At that point they are gone, and what they think no longer matters. Our words don't make a difference to them anymore. Why do we hold off on saying the nice things when we know how much of a difference those words can make?

I realized I am seeing myself differently these days. I am grateful the reasons are varied and numerous for the change, but the women in Story Sessions are counted as one of the reasons. They see me. They let me know they see me. The soul of me. They share with me good things they see, and encourage me. And because of that I am liking what I see more and more (as a general rule).

through the eyes
No make-up SOOC no filter picture right after cleaning the back porch because I'm not shrinking anymore.

There are plenty of negatives in this world. There are plenty of ways we think we don't measure up. What if the last thing someone heard was how they defined themselves? What if your "I love you and your fabulous" was over a week ago? Should they simply remember what you said? Or would it be better if you repeated yourself? What if we didn't take it for granted that they know? What if you repeated yourself until there was NO DOUBT how you felt or what you thought but you KEPT ON SAYING IT anyway!?

You know what I think would happen? I think a lot of people would see themselves in a new light. One full of love and brilliance and kindness and generosity and grace and mercy. So, I challenge you, my friends. Tell those you love WHY you love them, specifically. Tell them how fabulous they are, often. Show them their beauty so they can see it.

Yes, it was a challenge within the group, but that made the loving kindness no less true. We choose to see one another, hear one another, love one another, and believe one another regularly. Yesterday we simply acted in orchestra because we were challenged by one of the leaders/members. Let's do the same with all of those in our lives on a regular basis.

Ready?? Let's go!

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  1. Love this! I think we should over use the words I love you! Btw- I love you Stacey! So glad you are in my life. Someday I know I'll hug you in real life. I love that when you write I don't feel alone. I know that someone gets what I am feeling!!

    1. oh thank you sweet girl. your generosity humbles me.

  2. Man, your gray/white hair is cool! Is that natural curl? It's beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I had NO idea what it would look like when I started letting the color grow out. Yes, the color has been passed down from my mom. :D


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