How then shall we live?


I am going to start living like a monk
{drawing away from the world for religious reasons}
quiet and watchful
serving and helpful
I will let others and myself
ask questions
I will seek out the answers
I will be confident
in what I know
I will seek out that quiet time
to listen

I am going to start living like an artist
{one who creates art}
messy and brave
creative and bold
I will learn to see
with new perspectives
I will share what I embrace
I will be quirky in who I am
I will explore and appreciate
the art of others
wherever it is found

I am going to start living like a mystic
{living within the mysteries}
elusive and quiet
routine and experimental
I will embrace the questions
that have no answers
I will accept the silence
with no words
I will walk freely
into the unknown
breathing in expectation
and keeping safe
what my heart holds dear.

Prompt from the book the Artist's Rule which was mentioned in Story 101 (which I'm taking again and you can still sign up for) and I have been encouraged in my poetry by Right Brained Planner

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  1. Stacey, I love this! It is really beautiful - short enough to say what you want but also full of content. I wonder how I missed this post of yours before. I usually try to read them when you share on fb. I'm slowly going through the same book and trying to do at least some of the assignments. It took me awhile to do this one, but I finally finished it.

    1. Yes! I saw yours before I wrote mine, actually!! I loved yours and had to give myself time so that I didn't copy it. :D

  2. I liked this... :) But I'm glad I kept reading because the first thing I saw was that you were going to be a monk and I was a little concerned!


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