They are your dragons.

I have struggled much of my life striving to be free from many things. I have studied the Bible, I have learned God's words and read the examples He left us, I have taken great strides, but recently I realized something which changes it all a little. You might say this concept has put everything on it's head.

When it gets right down to it, regardless of pointing fingers laying blame as to how the struggle got there, all the dragons that I am trying to fight are now mine and mine alone.


It's a little frustrating, if I'm honest. Isn't it easier to lay blame at the feet of others? Isn't it easier to disown the situation and claim no fault? When I do this I can even let the fighting come to a halt completely. It's easier to rail against what happened rather than fight what is within me now.

But the truth of the matter is I am now the one who holds on to the hurt, recalls the blame, and allows the burden to weigh me down. I am the one who lets fear fester and grow inside my heart until what once was a gnat I could swat away has become a dragon which seems so vicious and ferocious. I am the one who now allows the dragons to guard who I really am, just in case something happens again.

My brain knows living with these dragons is not a life lived abundantly. They guard with their fire breath, and slash with their claws. They rip me up inside trying to protect me from any possible harm, real or imagined. They can almost take on a life of their own, because of the power I have given them. But fighting them seems impossible. Getting rid of them seems improbable. They have taken up residence and staked their claim on the soul of who I am. I will never feel as if I can get rid of these beasts. There will be no feeling of being brave which will overcome the feeling of fear I have festering inside. I simply have to decide that things must be different. I am never going to feel as if I can send these dragons on their way, even though I can, until I have done it.

It makes it a little harder, doesn't it? But you know what? We can still do it.

We can still free ourselves of fears rooted in old hurts and pains, by choosing to forgive.
We can still learn to trust again even after people have left, by choosing to open to new.
We can still live in joy and peace even if our circumstances aren't what we would prefer, by choosing to see differently.
We can still find contentment right where we are, by choosing.

Because when we make these choices, we change everything. And one day when we look back on this time we will realize how those very choices, as small as they seemed, defeated the dragons which haunted our soul and guarded the treasure of our heart. And only at that point looking back will we realize how very brave we have been. 

So, let's choose, shall we? One step, one moment, one choice, one dragon at a time.

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  1. Great post, Stacey! You're right, we may never "feel" we can slay those dragons, but we can choose "One step, one moment, one choice, one dragon at a time." Thank you for this encouragement.

    1. Gayl, you are always so encouraging! Thank you!!

  2. I'm glad you shared this. These words are so needed!!! Here's to walking in greater freedom and grace! I really liked the ending because you show us how to walk rather than cower. You point to hope. You remind us we are not so powerless after all.

  3. You are so right the dragons can carry such a terrible hold on us. Some more vicious than others. Learning to let go of the fear is requires more strength than many can do on their own.

    1. It is difficult, I agree. But not impossible. I'm so glad there are so many out there willing to lend a hand when people do need help, but even if that's not available there are other ways you can get support and help when needed. Thankfully!

  4. Stacey I love your words here. They resonate strongly with where I am these days. I want to paint your last paragraph on my walls to remind myself that these little choices that I keep making, that I don't see any progress from, that they matter. That one day I can look around and see freedom where there was once fear.

    1. They do matter! Small steps take us far!!! ((hugs))


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