Will you rescue yourself?

Another mass shooting took place last week. It wasn't all over the news this time like they have been in the past. I'm afraid people are growing accustomed to them. I know, it's hard to believe that happens, but it does. People see it as just another tragedy and are grateful they weren't involved.

Crime rates. Do we really know them? Are you really interested? Do they even matter? Or have we grown accustomed to this as well? I think we have. That's why the bigger crimes usually make the news. A murder? A rape? A missing child? Take a number. We'll pray, and be grateful we weren't involved.

But here's the thing, my friend. You could be involved. I do not say this to scare you; not at all! When something happens close to home that will scare you enough for you to pay attention for a short period of time. I say this because it is our reality. While we all know many good people, the truth is this world is dangerous. There are plenty of people who are evil or simply making bad choices. You or someone you know may have their life severely affected because of this truth.

your own rescue
Thanks to Black Belt Magazine for the quote.

So, what do we do??

I say we take the reins of our life and draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE. We learn. We gain power and knowledge and control. And there is MUCH that needs to be understood when beginning this walk. This is not a male verses female problem. This is something we as a community need to do. We can not count on someone else to protect us, but we must encourage each other to learn to protect ourselves. Time is a precious commodity during an attack of any kind. It takes time for the police to get to you. It takes time for a friend to get to you. We say we don't have time to learn how to protect ourselves because we are oh so busy, but if we don't then what will we do during the time we are waiting for someone to come to our rescue? Please, take control of your own protection, or at least learn a few moves which will help you while you are waiting.

Find a class near you. There are individual self-defense classes and courses, or you could sign up with a karate school and earn your black belt. Libraries or Community Centers often offer classes that will teach you some basics during one evening class. There are many organizations who travel the country (some the globe) to teach us how to protect ourselves. The level of information and education is up to you. But please, find someone who will help you learn more about protecting yourself and those around you. Get a group of friends and make a choice to take a class together. If no one will go with you, do it on your own.

Here are a variety of Facebook pages of different self-defense organizations who may have classes near you but they also occasionally share videos which are worth your time:

Fight Like a Girl
Girls Fight Back
KICS Academy
Play it Safe
Simple Self-defense for Women
TAKE Foundation

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  1. Amen!! I was involved in a shooting with my kids. At Chuck e Cheese. The scariest thing ever! I have been a victim of a crime in the past and ever since then I have been active in protecting myself! We do need to be aware of what is going on around us. Great advice!

    1. Oh goodness!! I can not imagine, sweet girl. I"m so glad y'all made it through. Yes, being aware is so very important!


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