It's like buying a new car. You've been there, right? You finally find just the right car which fits you perfectly, both inside and out, and you lay your money down and sign the dotted line. As soon as you drive off the lot it happens: you pass a dozen other cars just like yours you have never seen before. They are everywhere. You second guess your purchase. You cringe that you aren't quite as original as you think you are. You are a little sad that your purchase is like a million rather than one in a million.

This is what happens when new ideas begin to blossom. You hold it in your heart speaking to only one or two others about it knowing that this is what you were meant for. Suddenly a friend speaks the same words. And another person you aren't as familiar with is talking about it as well. That idea, the one you thought was needed and others wanted to hear, it's not quite as original or new as you thought it was.

Frustration mounts within your soul and you turn your back on the idea. Others will do it, apparently. It's not like it is ignored, but maybe it simply wasn't meant for you. So you encourage the others, "Do it! You would be great at it!" and you let the ideas fall from your fingertips and into the trash.

That's what happens with resistance. Your idea doesn't know what to do with itself when the world pushes it away. When things seem ordinary or a copy of another your heart aches and you simply let it go for a time. But then, maybe... maybe it's still a good idea for you? Maybe you need to fight for this idea.

So you reach out to a few more and mention the idea. You spill your crazy and your weirdness and your anxiety, and you wait for them to encourage you. Oh they will certainly do it. Right? Because they love you and they want you to do well, and certainly positive affirmations will come from them, right?

Only they don't. It's pretty silent. If you listen hard enough you can hear the echo asking you if anyone sees you. No one responds. No one says go for it. No one thinks it would make a difference, or at least they don't tell you one way or another.

So silence reigns and your heart aches and this idea has found a way to make it's home in one of the cracks that is in your brain.

resistanceThis is the point. Push back. Don't let resistance win. Put your slant on it. Explain it through your heart, your crazy, your mess. Because what you want to do? The grand idea which is daring to grow even when you are telling it not to? It may be something that is a step to something else. Or a secret just for your heart. Or a blessing for another you love dearly, or one you've never met. And you can't let that die. It might be the only way another ever feels seen.

So give that idea some attention. Give it some hard work. Give it some love. And see, my friend. Will it grow into Jack's story, or take you to the land of Giants, or give you nourishment for a day? Does it matter? If you don't fight for your idea, then it will never see the light of day.

Push back on that resistance, and let your idea do what it was meant to do. There is a reason it has refused to die, and it needs you to not give up on it as well. Fight against the resistance that tells you it's being done by someone else. No one can do it like you do.

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  1. Ah, love this, Stacey. Yep, no one can do it like you. Sometimes I wait for encouragement, when I think God wants me to step out and be faithful whether others encourage or not.
    I so love your heart. And you know I have your back. Even when my crazy means I don't get a chance to respond. Can't wait to see how God uses you and where he takes you, my friend!

    1. I love encouragement, but moving forward regardless is so important! Yes, He does amazing things with us all the time!


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