Is your adult lost?

It's summer time. You can tell because the library no longer has the quiet hum which electonics produce. No, now it is the laughter and voices of littles and their moms looking for movies and videos to take home and spend the week with. I remember when I used to do that with mine. Actually, when we moved to the Dallas area I traveled to all the libraries within a certain area to find the one I liked the best. I did the same with the parks, but that's another story.

Today I went to the library to return rainy day movies, and to pick up something I had on hold. I laughed as I went through the doors and the din got louder. I took care of my business and then headed out to leave. In front of me was a large group of adults and children, and one such child ran past me. I heard the librarian at the front desk yell out, "No running!" but when I looked at the little boy's face I knew what had happened. He stopped in front of me frantically looking around for his adult. I assumed mom, but I know it could have been any caretaker, but the point was: he was lost.

This is what I want to remind all the parents and caretakers: tell your child what to do if he gets lost, just in case. Tell them not to panic and remind them you will not leave without them. Tell them never to leave with anyone else whether they are known or not. Tell them that if they can not find you to locate someone who works there and let the employee know that their adult is lost. These are all imperatives that you simply must do, my friend. MUST.

When I realized what was going on with the little boy I looked at him, held out my hand, and said, "Let's find your mommy." He needed someone calm and in charge and he grabbed onto my hand like a life saver. We were in front of the door which led us outside. He would have gone anywhere with me. Now, I took him inside and gave him to someone who works there, but that little boy would have gone anywhere with me with the promise of finding his caretaker. I had never met this boy before, nor ever seen him. He had no idea who I was. The librarian did know him, and deposited him directly to where he belonged.

Please, do not leave the future of your child up to the kindness of a stranger. Prepare them. Teach them what to do in case they can not locate you. Do this for their sake and yours.

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  1. The thing that terrifies me is that sometimes it doesn't matter how many times you tell your kids these things, they can still completely ignore all that you have said. But I guess that is where trusting God comes in. Knowing that he loves them more than I do is a comfort to me!
    Great reminder friend. Especially as the summer is upon us!

    1. Practice it. Act it out. Make them play with it so they have done it numerous times. The more times they role-play it the calmer they will be if it ever happens.


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