Dive Deep.


It was the time of day when the sun came through the frosted glass and filled the room with an overwhelming feeling. As I stepped through the door my breath was taken away by the beauty that was the air. There was no need for other light. There was no need for words. It pulled me in even though I had no reason to be there. I sat down on the floor as if I was on the bottom of a pool. The goodness, life, and peace flowed around me like water. The silence enveloped me and held me safe. I didn't need to gasp for air because it was fully present, as I wanted to be. I closed my eyes and took it in, absorbing each ray with every sense, every molecule, every second. As the moments passed and the sun began to set, the room slowly darkened, my breathing slowed, and my heart calmed. My body relaxed and my lungs filled. The stress of the day was forgotten. The conflict which pulled at my heart released. The memories I held deep swam around me as the light did when I first entered the room. The laughter. The voices. The joy. The peace. I breathed deeply again and opened my eyes to a darker room but a lighter spirit.

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