A window in time.

A cold front moved through. It brought snow to Colorado. It has brought open windows to us.

There are squirrels at the feeder in the backyard. Three. I'm pretty sure it is mama and her two babies. This thrills me. They are so small. They see us through the windows, but the Jay is what scares them away. Only temporarily.

The dryer is moving clothes around which should have been dried three days ago. Before the wedding. It is now after the wedding. But I don't think the wedding will be one of those before and after events. Not for us, but most likely for them.

My dining room is still a storage area. Platters, fabric, ribbon, and frames sit across the table and on the floor. Their designated homes will be found in the next week, but not today. Or tomorrow.

Next week I will be boxing up the last of the school books. And the last grading book.

I have gallons of lemonade, water, and unsweetened tea in the floor of my pantry. I have a bag and a drawer full of kcups for the Keurig. All the cakes were given away, but the last of the pie is on my table. The crust got soggy so its texture is more like cobbler than pie.

I sat in the quiet dark this morning as the sun rose behind the clouds. I wrote a letter to a friend as the rain moved through after the front which dropped the temperatures. Changes happen, and they always bring more change.

That's the way of life.

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