Sweet, Sweet Spirit

<< the hymn and its history >>

The book I am using for this series only contains 150 hymns, so there will obviously be some i am familiar with that aren't in it. This is one of them. I got the history for this song here.

Doris Akers was quite a well known musician. She sang, played the piano, and wrote music. She began this path when she was a young girl writing her first piece when she was 10. Many years later when she was directing her choir group they were in prayer before the service began. Doris felt very strongly that prayer was important to what they did and to God. She had actually called her group back to prayer, and they went so renewed fervor. When she finally had to call them out of the prayer meeting in order to begin the service she hated to do it, but knew it was needed. "We have to go. I hate to leave this room and I know you hate to leave, but you know we do have to go to the service. But there is such a sweet, sweet spirit in this place."

The next day she wrote the song in its entirety.

<< the hymn and me >>

I don't know what age I was, nor which church we were attending at the time. I simply remember the practice, the routine, the song. I believe it was Sunday Nights as the service was called to a close, before we left we would all join hands and sing this song. Whenever it got to the part in the song which says, "we lift our hearts in praise" we would raise our joined hands up to the sky. I grew to love this song, and obviously had it memorized by the time we left the church.

Many years later as I rocked my boys when they were babes I had a grouping of songs I would sing to them to bring comfort. Possible to all of us. You are my Sunshine. Jesus Loves Me. Jesus Loves the Little Children. And Sweet, Sweet Spirit. I don't know if they remember the songs in that manner, for they were young, but I will cherish those moments when I sang the words looking into the eyes of my babes. I trusted that at that time, in that moment, the Spirit of the Lord was with us as well.

<< the hymn >>

There's a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place,
And I know that it's the Spirit of the Lord;
There are sweet expressions on each face,
And I know they feel the presence of the Lord.

Sweet Holy Spirit, Sweet heavenly Dove,
Stay right here with us, filling us with Your love.
And for these blessings we lift our hearts in praise;
Without a doubt we'll know that we have been revived,
When we shall leave this place.

There are blessings you cannot receive
Till you know Him in His fullness and believe;
You're the one to profit when you say,
"I am going to walk with Jesus all the way."


If you say He saved you from your sin,
Now you're weak, you're bound and cannot enter in,
You can make it right if you will yield,
You'll enjoy the Holy Spirit that we feel.

Words by Doris Akers

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