When the sun rose this morning the sky greeted it and allowed it to rule over the earth. Suddenly the clouds have come in, as if to remind the sun that its power is limited. The trees are swaying in the wind, a little droopy without the sun to lift their arms to. I'm not sure why the clouds feel they should have such power over everyone, but it almost doesn't seem fair. How do the trees, flowers, and grass beat the clouds in their game?

Maybe by being just as green and colorful as they would have been if the sun was still shining on them.

Regardless, they know time will change things. Those clouds will not be there forever and the sun will return. All the trees need to do is wait. And then it will be them giving shade to the grass and flowers from the ever oppressive sun.

Then they will watch the sky carefully for the cloud which promises relief in the form of drops of water over their leaves, blades, and petals.


Ah, the blessings turn into curses... or do the curses turn into blessings.

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