An update:

It turns out we did fill out a survey at Home Depot. Captain reminded me of that, and I feel somewhat better. But I'm still glad I answered the way I did because

(1) they had called and hung up several times, and left some empty voice mail as well.
(2) they wanted to know when my husband and I would (and wouldn't) be home together.
(3) my gut didn't feel right about it all.

Let me tell you now where I messed up. I totally remember doing the survey once Captain reminded me. At the time I ignored the way I felt about it all. We stopped and talked to the guy because I did. Captain would have kept going. I wanted to be polite. After we talked to him he wanted us to fill out the form giving him our personal information. Captain did not go to take the paper, so I did. I did not want to be rude. I should have listened to Captain and myself at that point, rather than worrying if someone thought I was rude or not. Our safety is more important than what a stranger thinks about me. And you know what? We can say no politely as well.

I just need to practice it a little more often, apparently.

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