We headed up to the lake to celebrate. It was windy enough to not want to eat on the porch, but it didn't matter because we were one of the few who thought that way. As we walked into the restaurant we hit a barrier of noise which enveloped us and welcomed us in. We sat close so we could hear each other talk. Or maybe because we just wanted to be close. The sun shone through the windows and the lake had small white caps across it. We were able to enjoy the view, the food, and each other.


We headed towards the book store and wandered the aisles together and apart. So many books from other bloggers I have read, or heard about, and books I have on my kindle waiting to be opened. I strolled leisurely allowing my eyes to run across the covers, my favorite type of eye candy. The magazines called to me as well. So many options. So many styles. I decided they are all tangible blogs. He found a book to keep, and I found thoughts to consider.


When we got home we gave each other gifts. I have no idea what the official gift for 22 years is or if there even is one, but the books were perfect. His he had waited for too long. Mine I just mentioned. Joy.


We began celebrating 22 years last night, and will celebrate it all year long. Did the waitress ask if it was one check or two because we behaved as if we were dating? Sure, let's go with that! But it doesn't matter.

He loves me deeply and gives me a safe place to be myself. 
I try to do the same for him. 
I am so glad we get to do this things called life together.

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  1. Funny, about the waitress if one check or two.
    Happy anniversary. I wish you all the best.

    1. I know right? We don't get to go out just the two of us very often (right now) so I don't know if that is common practice to ask when there are only 2 at a table, but it makes us laugh. It has happened once before as well. Thanks Silvia!!


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