Write to remember.


There are moments in time. Memories of days. If I forgot it all what would I want to be reminded of?

the love, the laughter, the eyes, the smiles

What about the pain and sorrow? At first glance, no.

But without that how do you explain the redemption, reconciliation, and love which grew all involved closer? The moments of quiet help me see and love the loud raucous noise, and vice versa. Every moment has a value if we are willing to see it.

Write what should not be forgotten? What doesn't fall into that category?

Please. Remind me of my anger and when I lost control. I need to know I have been there to have grace for those who are. I need to be reminded how easy it would be to go there again.

Please. Remind me of when I didn't know what love really was. It helps me appreciate the love I have now when I grow tired.

Don't let me forget about colicky days, terrible twos, anger, fights, failures, and messes. Don't let me forget because I need to be reminded of how far we've come. That's where the hope is. That's where tomorrow lies. That's where "what is" can turn into "what will become."

Remind me of when fear ruled my heart and mind so that I can remember how it is fought.
Remind me of when love lost its luster so that I can show how it can be renewed.

Write what should not be forgotten. The highs, the lows, the goings, the comings -- all of it. For it all brings a measure of understanding which makes the rest more cherished.

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  1. Beautiful post, friend! I have been feeling a little unsure of all of this writing lately. I think I needed to read this. Always blessed by you!

    1. ((hugs)) I think we put too much pressure on ourselves sometimes regarding our words. You're doing fine sweetie!


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