Perfection can't be redeemed

It's not that you should share your faults with everyone you cross paths with. I don't suggest you take out a billboard stating your failure last week. And I beg you to be careful who you share such items with, because if you share with the wrong person at the wrong time damage can be done.

Perfection leaves no room for redemption, and so when we pretend that everything is perfect we pretend we don't need to be redeemed. But redemption is as necessary for life as air is for breath.

We will all fall. We will all choose badly. We will fail and make a mess of things.

Pretending nothing happened in order to keep the facade of perfection in place is white washing the rotting wood underneath.


I've done it. I have whitewashed with the best of them. I was a whitewashed tomb decaying and rotting from the things I and others had done. But it was hidden, behind a thin veneer, so that the pretense of perfection could be upheld.

Choices are made daily, and we all have to make the best ones we can. I choose not to pretend to be perfect anymore, even though I am careful who I share my scars and wounds with. I choose to be the imperfect mess I am, even though I stay silent about good and bad things in my life at times. I choose to be a little distant, because I am tired of sweeping things under the rug.

And I know when the line was drawn regarding who I could and could not share things with. And I remember when I sent some people to the moon, and others down the street. And my heart will not forget the boundaries set in place where no whitewashing will occur, but cleaning and redeeming is necessary.

Pretending things are perfect puts your heart in a dangerous situation. Will they accept me if they learn the truth? What will they think when I clean things up? How long will it take before they smell the stink of who I am rotting away inside? What am I willing to do to keep things looking as if they are perfect? And whose perfect am I striving for anyway? Who shall I please today?

Have you recognized those in your life who are safe, encouraging, and loving? Have you recognized those in your life who are not? Set up your boundaries and know while all can visit, none need stay unless you want. And your life? It is just as it should be in all the glorious imperfect mess it is.

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  1. These are good things to think on... it's all about balance, I guess, huh? Bleh. Something I'm so not good at! lol

    1. I think what we have to remember is the balance differs and changes. That makes it feel a little chaotic, but if we don't do that then we either show too much or nothing.

  2. Thank you, Stacey. This is very relevant for me, especially now when I am already down and hurting. Whom I allow in during this devastating time is critical for my healing. I pray for wisdom. Boundaries. The right disclosure for the right people so that I can walk in transparency.

    1. I so agree. You need to surround yourself with those who will be gentle with you, love you, and support you. ((hugs))


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