Moving forward into value

I have sold myself a variety of times through my life. The payment was always low though what I paid was high. The cost was who I was. What did I hope I would receive for each sell? Acceptance, inclusion, belonging. I never got what I wanted for long, and I always regretted the sale.

When you declare you are worth more, it causes problems.


People are used to paying a small amount, or getting you for free. Raising prices causes confusion and frustration.

"It didn't cost this much last time."

As we realize our worth, we know what others do not. They have been taught (by us) that we are worth very little, and we will take what we can get. When we suddenly raise up and say the price is more than they can pay, they question, they doubt, they insist you go back to the way it was.

"We can't pay that price. We need things as they were."

I know. I'm sorry. But we can't go back. That was then and we are moving forward now. Moving forward into a new reality, a new price range, and new understanding. Moving forward into the full worth and value God has given me.

I'm actually no longer for sale. Though, tomorrow I may forget and put a sign out again. And I'm sorry if I do, because I will wake up again. I will recall everything that is true and you will blame me for false advertisement. I know.

But until I fully get it into my head, I will circle as often as I need to, with no regret each time I realize my full worth. I will fight this fight as often as I have to, even if you get tired or never understand.

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  1. "Moving forward into the full worth and value God has given me"- oh, friend! How I love this!! You are priceless!!


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