I hear him.

I hear him in the other room. He's playing x-box and talking with his brother, whom I can't hear. The headphones and technology of the internet are awesome, amazing, and I will ever be grateful for them.

I hear him in the other room talking, laughing, insulting, carrying on. The sound is music and makes me smile.

I hear him in the other room, as the rest of the house is quietly resting. I hear the planes over head, the wind chimes out back, the wind through the trees and pushing on the house.

I hear him in the other room, and I know the time is short. Just like the first time, I know this is supposed to happen at this time.

I was made for such a time, and such a time was made to break me. These changes come, as they are supposed to, like clock work. Life continues on. Boys grow up and become men.

I hear him in the other room and look forward to the day in a few months when my house shall be full, and I will hear all the voices, all the laughter, all the insults, all the talking, and I will feel all the feelings.

And I wonder if there is a way to bottle it, so that I can take it out and hold it again.

I will always be grateful for the choices we made as a family.
I will always be thankful for the relationships which have come out of this nucleus.
I will always know that we did the best we could, and I am ever so grateful for the memories which will always call them home.

I hear him in the other room.
I am grateful.

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  1. Thank God for waterproof mascara. This fall means I'll have a junior & a freshman and I'm not ready for the closeness of them being home to end. I'm praying it never does. It has for my mom, sisters and I, but it doesn't have to for us!

    1. V - I totally understand. I remember being there, and now my second graduates this year. It's crazy, I tell ya! I couldn't be more proud of either of my boys, but some days ARE hard. Trust in the relationship they have though. It will change, but it will continue. And get Skype. Oh, for the love of all internet and connections! Skype is a brilliant thing. :)


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