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These children, their families, their lives... I can't really fathom what they are like. I try to understand, and my heart breaks for the little I do comprehend. The truth is pictures, stories, and even visiting only gives us a fraction of understanding. But that understanding we are allowed, with the prayers we can send up, and the help we can send through Gospel for Asia makes a difference.

Did you know that out of the $35 you send to sponsor a child through Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope, 100% goes to the mission field?

This child is looking forward to a future. Because someone cared enough to put her in a Bridge of Hope center, she now has a bright future and a hope! Be encouraged at the thought of over 60,000 children being helped through Bridge of Hope as of this last year!

Find out more about Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope Children’s Outreach.

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  1. Wonderful what they do for these children. So many who need help. I was listening on the radio about the Syria refugees and their children. Breaks my heart.


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