It's not my last name, did you know? I'm sure many out there do, but have you ever wondered where it came from? My website was once Stacey's Daze, but I took the possession out of it.

I have this idea. Life isn't a straight line or even a flat surface. Oh sure, sometimes I would love to become the cartographer of my heart and show you where everything lies and where the river and valley meet. I think it would be beautiful. An amazing piece of art. But I haven't found my life to follow such rules of latitude and longitude.

My life has been much more an example of concentric circles. Lessons circling around to be learned anew at different levels, heart bleeding out and love pouring in from different areas which are all the same, a day which sends you spinning because you are sure you have been here before. It has the ability to put me in a bit of a daze if I forget this is how it is.


And there you have it.

I learn something again, and apologize for relearning. I feel something again, and keep it inside because I know I have shared it too often. I see what I want, but before I can get there the circle has spun and I have forgotten what I wanted after all.

Don't worry, it will return.

Today has been overcast outside and within. But I have been here before, and each time I learn something new. Recently it was that if I didn't beat myself up for being here, but rather loved myself through it accepting that this happens time and time again, then I move through it easier. It becomes more of a floating in the water, rather than cursing the tide.

So as I wait for words to form so that I have something to share with your heart, remember this:

This is just a day. One ordinary amazing down-in-the-dumps flying-high-in-the-sky day. And just as the sun will set on it and rise anew, so you will move through it and start over soon. Don't let it spin you round. Just breathe, and remember that this is how life is. One layer at a time through the daze.


  1. Aww love it!! I wondered about your last name. But love this- don't let it spin you around. Hmmm I do that so often!! Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Yea! I'm so glad you wrote this! Love it.


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