Oh did I fail... but how shall we move forward

When I entered into 2013 I carried with me some expectations, goals, plans and ideas. I honestly have not gone back to see all that I failed at, but here are just a few which I know by heart:

  • I never did finish memorizing the Psalm. After I posted the one time the habit slipped away and I didn't even review it anymore. (Oh my word that was May.) In fact, I completely forgot about it for the longest time. The little notebook I had been using was misplaced, and I never thought to look for it much less remember its existence.
  • I didn't continue reading children's fiction through the year. Oh, I read some cute books, but I just stopped. Walking through the aisles didn't pull me towards anything and I headed back over to the adult section. Of course, there were months I didn't read a thing, and I honestly can tell you that part of the reason this happened was Candy Crush took over my reading time.
  • I was not consistent with writing the Bible. How long has it taken me to write through Nehemiah? I honestly have no idea, but I do know I have not kept up with it like I had wanted to. I may finish it before next week? I might finish it next week.

There were other things I failed at as well. To be honest, it is nearly impossible not to fail at times. But that doesn't mean we are failures, right? Because I memorized part of the Psalm, and after I review it a few times I can remember it. And I read a lot of great books out of the children's section at the library which I may never have crossed paths with otherwise. And I've picked my pen up again, and should finish Nehemiah soon. Sometime soon.

We don't always keep our plans or goals: sometimes they change, sometimes they fall by the wayside, and sometimes they simply get forgotten along the way. But it gives us direction until the next direction is found and so I'm okay with not always carrying out or following through. I'm okay with failing, because it teaches.

And so, now that you know how I failed last year and my phrase for 2014 , I want to also share ten things that I have learned in 2013 which I want to know by heart at the end of 2014:

remember 2014

Not necessarily resolutions, but principles. I'll probably fail at some of these along the way as well, but again: it's good to have a plan for your direction, and then see what happens next. Do you have any guiding principles for this coming year?

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  1. Okay, you had me at Candy Crush. I literally laughed out loud. Though I am happy to say, I don't think that I have opened the app in my phone for about a month. I notice for me, that I fail at things when I get bored with them or I am not passionate about them. So I stopped doing things that no longer work, or bring me joy or that have no intention in my life. I used to pick two words that would guide my year....I did it for 10 years. yikes. But I am changing it up this year....and its all new. and I am excited. ~Lesley

    1. I have heard Candy Crush referred to as "game crack" or something like that. I SO GET IT! LOL But I'm doing better. I had the idea of taking it off my phone... but I just.don't.know.

  2. I could substitute "Words With Friends" for your Candy Crush and be close kin! :)

    1. Oh, I play that too. It simply doesn't drag me away from reality so much. LOL ;)


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