It's time to listen.

There is a clock in my living room. We bought it when my oldest was days old. This may be why it will never be replaced, but I can still remember that day vividly. The new Menards opened up, and with any new store the lines to check out were ten people deep. We were okay with settling in line. I held my newborn and we people watched as we waited, but one of the managers saw us and opened up a new line for us. I still smile at her sweetness and utter disbelief that we were there in those crazy crowds with one so little. We took him everywhere.

The clock chimes each hour, but I don't hear it. When I am alert enough to listen for it all the memories of that day come flooding back to my mind, but I rarely hear it. I actually thought Captain had turned the chime off recently, but he assured me it still made sound. One morning after that as I was laying in bed I was astonished as I heard the music come from the other room.


There's a little voice inside our heart that is similar to the chimes on my clock. Sometimes as we go through life we simply don't pay attention to it. There are days it tells us to step outside of our comfort zone to reach out to someone else. There are days it tells us which direction we should be heading. There are days it warns us of danger. Maybe they are separate voices? I am not sure. What I know, just like I know the clock is in my living room, God made us with this sense, but sometimes we don't listen to it.

God created your mind with the ability to figure things out faster than you can consciously decide something. When this happens there is a gut check we get about a circumstance or situation. We don't even realize we are processing the information, but we know something. This is why there are so many times we say to ourselves, "Oh if I had only listened." Or "I just knew." All too often, however, we simply don't listen to that voice, feeling, thought, idea. All too often we brush it aside and ignore it, if we hear it at all.

I know you have heard and ignored that voice before. There may be a time when the results of doing so were catastrophic. Or maybe they were regrettable. And sometimes we get in this circle of, "I didn't listen then, so how can I start listening now?" But please know, the question needs to change. Ask yourself this, "I didn't listen then, so how can I do anything but start listening now?"

It takes effort to start listening to that voice. When you feel it start pressing on your heart you need to pay attention and act. As you practice hearing it, you will hear it more often as well.

God created you with this amazing sense to help you out when you or someone else is in need. Don't become as deaf to it as I am my clock. I don't get to smile and remember fond memories when I don't hear the clock. What will happen when you don't heed the push?

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  1. This is such a sweet analogy. In regard to your question, I am ALWAYS sorry when I don't heed that "Voice".


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