Happy 2014.... one word?

Can I tell you how much I wish I had a word to share. So many other people have a word which they feel help them go through their year, teach them much, and bring surprises. They feel their word is given by God to help them focus and continue. And I wish I had one.

I was inspired to count to 100 by Teresa, though I believe she counts down. For the past (near) 100 days I have had a variety of words {for a day or a week} that have helped me push through these past 100 days. The goal I had at the beginning has been accomplished, and now I'm moving forward into the next 100 days. I'm moving forward into this amazing year, to be honest, but maybe if it is in bite size chunks it will be easier to digest.

This is a huge year for so many I dearly love and support, which vicariously makes it a huge year for me as well. And sometimes, I will be honest, what I want most to do is stop time, or reverse it. But all that does is bring me heartache and pain, and it surely doesn't encourage those who are moving forward. That's not where I want to be, and the only one who can make sure I don't sink into that pit is me.

So, while I have no word for the year as of yet, the word for the next 100 days (the all encompassing one, I'm sure I'll need some daily or weekly ones to encourage me as well) is *forward* because that is the direction I need to be going, with wild abandon, joy, and excitement. I'll leave the trepidation, nervousness, and fear right here. Yes, it is a simple word. I think I'll leave the complexity for the individual days.


My next 100 days actually starts on 1/4/14 and it will end on 4/14/14. Can I tell you how much those numbers made me giggle? Onward, upward, and forward, my friends. Onward, upward, and forward!

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  1. ok did you write this at 5 this morning? because you will laugh when you read my blog day after tomorrow. you'll have to wait til then and you will "get" what i mean!

    1. You certainly have me curious!! I can't wait. :D

  2. I love this Stacey! It is a GREAT word!!!

  3. lol I decided a few years ago that I was just too dumb to do "one word." I'm not as cool as everybody else, but I guess I get by okay.

    Love you!

    1. LOL I think I'm too scatter-brained and see-saw-ish. :D But for three months I can focus.


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