can you see it?

In my story101 class we needed to write something out of our comfort zone. This was a very hard assignment for me. I have played around with a variety of forms and styles of writing, except maybe haiku, but with a door open so wide I didn't know where to begin or what to do with it. I'll be sending this off to my partner in crime in the class, but I thought I would share it here. Not because it's particularly amazing, but because this too is outside my comfort zone.


To be seen
is to be heard
is to be acknowledged
is to be loved.

To be seen
is to know
is to trust
is to believe.

Do you see me?
I wonder often.
Why do you compare?
Why can’t we work together?

Do I see you?
The walls make it hard.
Why do I compete?
Why can’t I share?

To be seen
we all long for it
we all wonder why not
we all wish it were done.

We look and see
those who don’t
and forget to see
those who do.

To be seen
for who I am
talents and failures
all not some.

Do I see
the way I want to be seen?
unconditional and true
With space to be real.

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