A warning about losing the "pure" and sticking with the "wary"

Would you like to know what has been the most surprising for me as I worked through the wary and pure ways of living life? I can get stuck in one or the other, and balancing the two is quite difficult. It's just as hard to live by "pure as doves" as it is to live by "wary as snakes," but it feels almost impossible to do both at once sometimes.

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I still joke in my taekwondo class that I am the "scaredy-cat" of the bunch. I know I fight fear, and while it feels as if I do it more than others, I may simply do it louder. I guess it's the way I am, and something I need to work on. But alternately, sometimes I get caught in the "wary" aspect of life.

It's difficult to live pure when my defenses are up, my walls are sound, and my guard is on. When I get like that all I want to do is fight everyone in my path, prove how strong I am, and stand up for myself. *sigh* I know. I know. This is not how to live life abundantly.

So, the hard part is living wary, while still remaining open to people and life. Watching, protecting, and defending are important, but not always done the same way. Sometimes the best defense is love. Sometimes the best guard is generosity. Sometimes it's best to let God defend your reputation and simply keep on doing what you are meant to do.

So, as we head into this new year learning how to protect ourselves and others, let us also not forget that if we lose the "pure as doves" we aren't where we should be. We wont be who we need to be. We will lose who we are meant to be.

"Wary as snakes and pure as doves" need to hold hands and work together. But it takes work. I hope you will work with me.

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  1. Kill them with kindness, I say. Or defend oneself by offering kindness and love. Very true.

    1. Sometimes that is the very defense which is needed!


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