You don't always know the end of the path, but walk anyway.


Not everything we do will lead to a huge revelation, opportunity, or breakthrough. But here's the secret: you don't know which ones will. Yes, we have to consider carefully what we do and what we choose, but so often we throw an opportunity away for the wrong reasons. What are the right ones? Honestly, there could be many, but the one that haunts me the most is when my heart knew I should have done something but I didn't.

I firmly believe God will prepare us for things that are to come. Sometimes this scares me, and sometimes this comforts me. I'm okay with that. But most assuredly what this fact does is help me not skip out on opportunities quite so quickly.

I will be honest: there is an opportunity that has been sitting in the back of my mind for a week or more. I haven't done anything with it, and I'm trying to figure out why. Am I scared? Am I worried it wont work out? Do I think I it would just be silly? Well, we covered that already, didn't we?

So, I am determined to talk it over with Captain and see what he thinks and go from there. Maybe something will come out of it, maybe nothing will; that isn't mine to decide. But I will take the next step. It's all I can do to travel down the road.

Is there something you would like to do but haven't taken that step yet? Something calling to your heart and it wont let go of you? An art class, journaling, blogging, creating, or taking a math class at the local community college? Do it. You never know where it might lead, and at the very least you have expanded yourself further.

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  1. Yes, yes there is… Actually, I keep taking the first step but then taking that step back. So. :D

    1. LOL I so understand that! Do this... take a step forward, and when you feel you want to take the step back stand still. ;)

  2. Sure is. I'd love to just be open, no worries to simply be myself all the time, 100%, but in a work and day-to-day life environment, many action and words have to be filtered. Every year, though, I get bolder ... say 'no' more often, and just do, or try to, do what my heart pleases. :)

    1. I think I get this. It's hard to be fully us sometimes because it makes us vulnerable, and that brings all sorts of fearful ideas into our brain. But I know the times I have done this, and I bet it's true for you as well, there were less regrets. ((hugs))


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