What we do (all of us) has value.


Is it because you think it sounds humble to put others above you? Is it because you feel prideful if you assign worth to what you do? Why is it we do this? Why do we lower ourselves to the point of false humility? Are you looking for someone else to put you above them? Are you waiting for permission?

Maybe if we could just stop comparing. Maybe if we could see everything as worthy, period. Maybe if we could stop assigning good, better, and best.

I have been there, and am still there some days. I understand it's hard, because we want to do something that does matter and does make a difference. But somehow we have to start seeing that what we do matters. Period. What we do does make a difference. Period.

It's like the body of Christ. We are all different, but we are all important to the work of God.

Take this idea and move it into your heart. Know that what you do is so very valuable, and the way you do it has an art that no one can copy. Your life was set in motion when you took your first breath, and there are things set out for you to do.

What would happen if we all only did what was seen as valuable by every one else?
Nothing. Would. Be. Done.

Stop and think about it.

What if we didn't do something because we felt silly or listened to the voices that want to dismiss us.
We would come to a stand still.

Seriously. We would only exist.

The idea that is in your heart, the one that is trying to grow to become action... help it grow!
Set it in the best circumstances for it to become what it is.
And know that what you do will make a difference.
Stop comparing and finding yourself lacking, because it is a false comparison.

God has given you works to do.
He has prepared you to do them.
Don't think they don't matter, because they so do.

They so do.

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