What do they see and say? Those you allow into your life.

I have heard it said that for every one negative we hear it takes seven positives to nullify it. I don't know why it is we cling to the bad things people say. I'm not sure why harsh criticism always hits its mark while loving reminders fall to the wayside so easily, but they seem to.

I remember those things which people have said which were hurtful and negative. I remember the times when people chose to be exasperated with me, didn't understand me, and got tired of me. I dare to say we all remember those times. And this is why it is imperative to choose carefully who we allow into our lives.


Not just whose words we accept, but who we allow close enough to speak. You have the choice, and don't allow anyone to take that from you. And if you are around someone who does choose to pour negativity into your life, work hard to let it filter out. Remember that what they say has more to do with who they are, not who you are.

But choose carefully, my friend. Choose those who will pour love into you, choose those who care about you, choose those who accept your silly, choose those who will support, protect, encourage, inspire, and love you as you go through this life. Choose those who want to see the best in you, and call it out as well.

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