There are no "select few".


Why do we do this to each other? This quote above set me off a little, to be honest. Yes, I run. But it was hard. And it still is some days. Why do I run? Not because I'm special, or smart, or better, or know something you don't know. No, I run because it is a choice I make.

Some things we do are not because they are easy, come naturally, or even have passion about. Some things we choose to do because it will help us in other ways, regardless of the fact we know it will be hard, tiring, and some days it will break us. But we choose to do the hard thing.

Me? I choose to run because it is something I can do with Captain, and it will improve my taekwondo and sparring.

Please know this. There are no things out in this life which only a select few can do. No, there are things out in this life we do because we choose to do. So don't think you can't do something, rather just do it.

If I can run, you can do whatever it is you need to do as well.

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