The size of what you do is always huge.

How do you define your acts or choices?
Where is the sliding scale we all fit on?
Is big always big
or only compared to what we define
as small?
Is small something tiny
or are our eyes
seeing wrong?
Where is your heart in your actions and words?
What do you do when no one sees?
When will you realize that every single thing you do
it matters.
it makes a difference.
it is important.
So take your eyes off what you think is the size
and pay more attention to how much heart you put into it.
You have been created to do good works
{always huge}
so do the works good.

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  1. Small things, when done from the deepest, kindest part of the heart, have as much impact, if not more, than anything done on a big scale. Very thoughtful post, Stacey.

  2. I need words like these as reminders that continually help draw me back to a state of intentional living. Thanks Stacey!


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