Take time by yourself to know you.

Being alone. We all have different attitudes towards this state. As an introvert I don't fight it as much as an extrovert might, but I think times of being alone are good for us all regardless of how we recharge.


Who are you? I have defined myself by my relationships most of my life. I don't wish I hadn't done that. I still do it. But who am I when I am by myself? Taking time out for myself has allowed me to see myself more clearly. It helped me see that I am a protector and defender. It has helped me tune into how God created me. It has allowed me to dismiss the negative harsh criticism that wasn't meant to help but hurt. It has allowed me to see people as children of God searching for who they are as well.

Take time occasionally to be by yourself. Block out the sounds of the world and the lies. Hear from God, and take the time to see who God created you to be. You may be surprised and you may be assured, but you will learn better who you are.

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  1. I am so much more creative/craftsy when I am alone. I'm sure most people are, but that is really when I have ideas and the drive to implement. Now, back to the sewing machine! :)

    1. I have known people who do their best when they have that interaction with others but I so am like you in this. Quiet and silence is my best motivator and allows me to listen.


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