Pour into someone else

Yesterday I talked about how we have to believe in ourselves. On the day I wrote that, promptly afterwards as I was filling my cup of coffee my day changed completely. My original plan was to write a few more posts, but instead I had things that came up here which needed my attention immediately.

You see, there was someone I dearly loved who needed to be reminded to believe in themselves. This happens. At times it is what we desperately need in order to believe in ourselves. But it's hard to hear them unless we believe. It's like this crazy circle, but we can't stop it just because it doesn't work smoothly or things get mixed up.


And so, I am challenging you to pour into someone else today. Remind someone how special they are, how talented, how beautiful, how handsome, how wonderful, how loved, and how special. Remind them they can work hard to get where they want to get. Remind them that fear has to be walked through because we all feel it. Remind them that giving up and giving in are not options that lead to a fulfilled abundant life. Remind them that you are on their side, and you will see them as God sees them until they can see themselves that way. Pour into someone because they need you.

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