If you don't believe in yourself....


There are many voices out in this world. They say many different things. We believe some, and we ignore others. But the one voice that seems to speak so loud sometimes is that nagging voice of doubt which lives inside our head. Oh you know the one, don't you?

I hear it when I start a new project of any kind.
I hear it when I get ready to step into a new opportunity.
I hear it when I step into a room of new people.

Here's the thing, we can listen to that word of doubt and never step out, and if we do I can promise you the chances of us doing anything are going to be nil. At least if we start in the direction of our dreams something may end up happening on the other side. Maybe not what we envisioned. Maybe different. But something. If we never start the dream is dead where it lies, in our heart.

No one else can make us take the step. No one else can make our dreams come true. No one else can figure it out for us. We have to be the ones to start down the road ignoring doubt and seeing what comes. If you don't believe in yourself, then you will never see any dreams come true.

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