Your shopping valuables.

Whether you are in a store, or in your car, don't leave your valuables alone while you are shopping. Let me make this clear, I mean anything valuable.


I have seen young children left in shopping carts when the mother took an older child to the bathroom.
Please don't do this.
I have seen purses left in shopping carts while the woman stepped away to look at an item.
Please don't do this.
I have seen children taken out of shopping carts while the mother was looking at an item.
Please don't leave them.
I have seen items stolen out of a car which were left in plain site.
Please don't do this.

While you are out shopping, keep your purse on your body and all children with you where ever you go. Keep your hand on your cart if your purse has been placed in it and if your child is sitting in it. Put everything in your trunk. Don't go through it in the parking lot, wait until you get home.

I know, these seem like they should be second nature, but sometimes we simply don't think when we do things. So, please, keep your valuables with you.


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  1. Good points! I often see people leaving their purses unattended in their carts. Just asking someone to grab it! But i have to confess, I've been guilty of it, too. Just for a second, of course!

    1. Of course. LOL Truth be told we all have been guilty of many of these things because we don't think about it. I am trying to think about it more and hope that we all can. :)


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