What purse do you take shopping?

I must admit it. I have a plethora of purses, and yes I do know what that word means. I have big ones, small ones, home made ones, crocheted ones, and ones I love. Usually when I go out I match my purse to my outfit... no not really. I actually go through phases with different purses. Call it love affairs which eventually fade, but I never really get rid of any of them, thus I am left with a whole bunch to choose from whenever I want. Here are my suggestions when you head out to go shopping:


(1) Choose a smaller purse. Not something that goes over your shoulder, but more like a wallet purse that is a wristlet or fits into your coat pocket. When it's smaller it's not as easily seen by someone who wants to take it. When it's on your wrist it's not as easy a target as when it's on your shoulder.

(2) Sometimes we don't have a choice, and all we have is big. Don't set it down, flip it on your back, or walk away from it. I understand it can get heavy, but doing those things makes it an easier target for someone who wants to take it or go through it.

(3) Speaking of, do you have an exterior pocket on your purse? Mine does and it is perfect for wallets, phones, or something I need to get to quickly. I have noticed however that it's easy for others to get to as well when I'm not paying attention. Flip that purse around so the exterior pocket is close to your body. It wont slow you down that much, but it will slow someone else down who wants to go through it.


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  1. We can't leave the house with anything small these days. But I just keep a wet diaper in the diaper bag and everyone stays far away. :)
    Great post, friend and good reminders!

    1. Oh, I DO remember those days! LOL The wet diaper cracks me up!! :D


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