Shopping organization.

I sat on the edge of the store, near the dressing rooms as she tried on the outfits. There was much laughing and giggling, and that outfit looked as bad on her as it did on the hanger. The question remains, "What body type would that even look good on??" I took a moment as I was sitting there and organized my wallet.

What?? Yes, I did. I'm not always smart, and I don't always think about what I am doing. I didn't even consider the risk factor, I just did what needed to be done. And to be honest, that's what most of us do when we place ourselves at risk.

You have cash, cards, gift cards, and circulars in your purse? Take five minutes before you leave and organize it better. Leave it home if you aren't going to use it. Since you already know where you are going, put the circulars in order, and paperclip the gift card to each one if you want, but definitely organize your cash and cards in your wallet so you can get what you need without showing the world what you have.

It sounds a little like dressing doesn't it?


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  1. I live pretty much on plastic (credit or debit cards). Easier than getting change back and trying to figure out what to do with a bunch of pennies, dimes, etc. I know, it's not the perfect solution, and it requires quite a bit of organizing later, but life is just so busy ... and credit cards offer miles, so I use that as an excuse. :) Not helping here, am I?

    1. LOL No, you are. :D I usually only use cards too, which is why I was SO unorganized when I had cash. No matter what we use it requires some level of organization and it's simply better to do that at home and not in the floor outside the dressing room. LOL


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