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Let's be honest, in today's electronic market so many of us get a lot of holiday shopping done online. I love this, and I know some who have done ALL of their shopping online in years past. A few ideas to keep in mind when shopping this way.

(1) When you finish a purchase make sure your credit card information is not stored on the website. I know it can be a pain to type in every time you purchase something, but it is less of a pain than when someone hacks your account and spends your money.

(2) Pay attention to the delivery date. Make sure you or someone else will be around to receive the packages. I know Fed Ex no longer rings the doorbell and this frustrates me to all belief. It's too easy for someone to follow the truck and pick up what they deliver. I have heard of it done for several years now. So, if you know something is to be delivered check the door/front porch on a regular basis so that you actually receive what you paid for.


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  1. This is great information. Sometimes we just assume that online shopping is safe, quick, and easy. It is important to pay attention. A few years ago, was had a HUGE mix up with Amazon. It was either my browser, their system, or both but we ended up with our order multiplying FIVE times! Maxed out our credit card and even though I caught it within hours of the issue, some of the companies and even Amazon chose not to be helpful!
    We were very thankful we had paid for purchase security with our credit card. Citibank came to our rescue and we were refunded all bu maybe $100 in fees...compared to the over $4,000 that was an incorrect order!
    I would encourage people to be sure to record ALL the correspondence, including names of who you spoke to, if you have to deal with customer service. This alone saved us a lot of time. We asked to be assigned to ONE CSR with the credit card company and she went to ALL the vendors and fixed it for us. Even still, it took SIX months 0_0!
    I have since forgiven Amazon for ruining that holiday, but I will only place my orders in 5-10 item increments just in case!
    Great series Stacey.

    1. Oh goodness! I can't believe they wouldn't help you out. Your suggestion is a GREAT one!


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