Repack those shopping bags.

I'm pretty sure I learned this idea online from Kathleen Baty, but I couldn't find the clip to share with you. Here's the idea:

You have just spent a few marvelous hours at the mall with friends. Much shopping was done, along with some coffee drinking, and pizza eating. You have hit nearly every store in the mall and it is clearly evident by all the bags you are carrying. Stop. Before you head out to your car encumbered by the multitude of bags, repack them.

Take the smaller ones and put them in the bigger ones. Minimize what you are carrying. The size of bags most stores give you are perfect for their advertisement, but not so great for your maneuverability. So, fold them up, and stick them all into one, or two if you must. This will make you less of a target as you head to your car, and allow you to carry everything easier as well.


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