Last shopping thoughts.


I'm so glad you joined me as we talked about staying safe as we shop this holiday season. I know there were a dozen items I didn't hit, and some I hit may have seen simplistic. Just remember, we don't have to do big things or walk around in fear in order to stay a little safer.

On a last note (because the holidays actually start tomorrow don't cha know!) I ask you to make sure you are staying aware of your surroundings. The bad guys want you distracted. They will also take advantage of your politeness and generosity. I'm not saying to be rude and stingy, but be aware when you do all things.

I hope your holiday season starts off wonderfully! And if you decide to take advantage of some of those black Friday deals please stay safe!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Stacey. Always good to stay safe, but especially this time of year when the bad guys are out there looking to cause trouble.
    Enjoy your holiday!

    1. So true! I already saw one story about a family who was robbed after black Friday shopping and they lost everything, including their car. So sad.


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